NYC Summer Bucket List

Summer season is suppose to be a time of sun, freedom, beach/pool, and hanging out with your best friends 24/7. Contrary to this expectation, I found myself with nothing to do on a hot summer afternoon, so i decided to look through the NYC Snapchat for some inspiration. To my surprise, there were many events going on throughout the city (which I had no idea about). Being the curious person that I am, I took matters into my own hands and started doing some research on things to do in the city during the summer. I have lived seven consecutive years in one of the greatest city’s in the world and never have taken the time to explore it. So, I created a NYC Summer Bucket list highlighting the places and events I want to checkoff before the summer ends. Here are 14 things to do if you live in NYC this summer! If you are in NYC Download the NYC Summer Bucket List here.

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