About Me


I’m Jess!

As a lover of all things glamorous, I started an online boutique called Glam With Jess to sell jewelry, personalized mugs, chic office supplies, gift boxes, and workspace organizers. I believe everyone deserves a little pizzazz, so why not add some sparkle and shine to your day, from your accessories to your office space?

I was born in Puerto Rico to hard-working parents who inspired me to become an entrepreneur and make a name for myself.  Always a crafter with an eye for fashion, I decorated and sold sparkly hair clips to my friends as early as middle school.  Though my degree is in accounting, I never let go of my dream of owning a small business aligned with my passion, so in 2013 Glam With Jess got its start – I sold jewelry and accessories online and grew an Instagram following of over 30k.  In 2017, I added home, office, and organization products. With my help, you can accessorize your wardrobe and turn your workspace from a boring desk littered with supplies and papers to an inspiring, stylish office with eye-catching pens and organizers.


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