How To Use Instagram Highlights and Story Archives


On December 05, 2017 Instagram introduced a new tool that allows its users to store their favorite Instagram Stories in the app and share them in a creative way through their profile. Prior to this update, stories would only be available for 24 hours and those you wished to keep, had to be stored directly onto our smartphone device taking up much needed storage space. With this new update, our stories are automatically saved in an Archive folder which you can access through the archive icon on your profile page. 


Highlights on the other hand, gives us the ability to group stories on our profile page and allows our followers to easily access these even after they have been removed from our feed. To create a highlight:

  1. Tap the “New” + circle at the far left of your Instagram bio.IMG_7754
  2. Choose any stories from your archive or current IG story

  3. Select a cover for your highlight and add a name


Highlights will display as an object on your profile which users will be able to tap and play as stand-alone story. These will stay on your profile until you manually remove them. To edit or remove a highlight, just tap and hold the highlight on your profile.

Now that we’ve covered what a highlight and archive is, let’s think about “how can I use this new feature to up-level my profile?”

Think of your Instagram Bio as your social media business card. It’s the primary location for individuals to collect your information, learn more about who you are and the resource they use to determine within a few seconds if your page is one they wish to follow. So if highlights are now an added line item of you “social business card”, what information would you want to display? 

For me, I thought it would be a great opportunity to “highlight” all of the topics I cover on my page and Instagram stories. Which include business, inspiration, products, GIY (glam it yourself) and lifestyle. Now that I  narrowed down my categories, how can I make these look visually appealing? 

Remember when I mentioned you can add a cover and name to the highlights? and the way to add a cover was by selecting a story from your archive? Well, this is the way we are going to Insta-Glam your bio. By creating an image template that you can upload to your story and set as the cover of your highlights. 

The way I went about doing this was by using PicMonkey. I created an image with the background color of my liking and added my categories as text. Uploaded them to my Instagram Stories and added them as covers for my highlights! So now when my followers are looking for inspirational content they can tap the “INSPIRATION” cover or if they are curious to know what new products I recently added to, they can click the “NEW PRODUCTS” cover. How cool is that? 

Here are a few examples of how some of my favorite Insta-friends (@iamdelilahdee who runs a Digital Content & Event Agency, @thedecorista who is an Interior Designer and Decor Therapist and @maryery_albizu who is a Nursing Blogging Student)  have used this method:




If you want to receive the template I created , click here. Once you receive the template, you can fill in the circles with whatever color or text you like. 

So here is your homework, share with me in the comment section your response to this question: What product, service or content do you want to highlight on your bio?